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Decisions published

13/07/2021 - Local Plan Strategy ref: 1136    Recommendations Approved

Decision Maker: Environment and Sustainability Committee

Made at meeting: 13/07/2021 - Environment and Sustainability Committee

Decision published: 14/07/2021

Effective from: 20/07/2021


The Committee resolved:


1.    To agree the revised strategy for the new Local Plan to meet our housing need by releasing a small amount of Green Belt, reducing the impact on Staines by not including an additional allocation, including opportunities to reduce some building heights in Staines if this is the outcome of the Staines Development Framework consultation and allow for more family homes with gardens to be built.


2.    That they would benefit from independent support and advice on the formulation of a strategic vision for the borough.


a)    To undertake an exercise of member engagement focused on developing a shared understanding and/or their role in formulating the Local Plan.


b)    To develop a shared vision for the borough that is endorsed by a majority of members.


c)    To appoint a suitably qualified external advisor to facilitate members in formulating the vision.


d)    To incorporate the vision into the Local Plan documentation by no later than the end of October 2021.


e)    Once the vision has been agreed it will be used to review existing policies and inform future ones.


3.    That 1 and 2 above would run in parallel to avoid any further delay to the formulation of the new Local Plan.





Lead officer: Ann Biggs