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    Exempt report - Property Letting 'P'19/11/2020For Determination04/01/2021
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'O'19/11/2020For Determination04/01/2021
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'N'19/11/2020For Determination21/12/2020
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'M'19/11/2020For Determination07/12/2020
    Draft Capital Strategy12/11/2020For Determination25/02/2021
    DWP Youth Hub Grant23/10/2020For Determination27/01/2021
    Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk Policy14/10/2020For Determination03/12/2020
    Revenue Monitoring Q3 (Oct - Dec)14/10/2020For Determination24/02/2021
    Capital Monitoring Q3 (Oct-Dec)14/10/2020For Determination24/02/2021
    Detailed Revenue Budget14/10/2020For Determination25/02/2021
    Capital programme 2021/2214/10/2020For Determination25/02/2021
    Fees and Charges 2021/2214/10/2020For Determination24/02/2021
    Annual Grants14/10/2020For Determination25/02/2021
    Adverse Weather Plan24/09/2020For Determination03/12/2020
    Treasury Management Strategy Statement03/09/2020For Determination27/01/2021
    Outline Budget 2021-202203/09/2020For Determination27/01/2021
    Calendar of Meetings 2021-202203/09/2020For Determination25/02/2021
    Construction Professional Services Framework Agreement24/06/2020For Determination03/12/2020
    Construction Constructors' Framework Agreement24/06/2020For Determination03/12/2020
    Exempt Report - Property Letting 'L'24/06/2020For Determination07/12/2020
    Exempt Report - Planned and Reactive Repairs Managed Service Tender24/06/2020For Determination
    Exempt report - Thameside House - demolition contract - Key Decision24/06/2020For Determination27/01/2021
    Exempt report - Waterfront - Appointment of monitoring surveyor - Key Decision24/06/2020For Determination27/01/2021
    Corporate Health and Safety Policy06/02/2020For Determination27/01/2021
    Sandbag Policy06/02/2020For Determination03/12/2020
    Exempt report - Acquisition AC - Key Decision30/09/2019For Determination07/12/2020
    Exempt report - Acquisition AD - Key Decision30/09/2019For Determination21/12/2020
    Public Space Protection Order - Injunction (Unlawful Encampments)27/06/2019For Determination27/01/2021
    Exempt report - Acquisition AB - Key Decision27/06/2019For Determination07/12/2020
    Exempt report - Thameside House construction budget - Key Decision29/03/2019For Determination27/01/2021