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  • Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
    A Masterplan for Staines30/09/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Health and Wellbeing Strategy30/09/2019For Determination27/02/2020
    Council Tax Exemption for Young People Leaving Care30/09/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Exempt report - Procurement of provider of housing management and resident support services at Harper House30/09/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Harper House Construction Budget30/09/2019For Determination12/12/2019
    Treasury Management Strategy Statement30/09/2019For Determination27/02/2020
    Fees and Charges 2020/2130/09/2019For Determination29/01/2020
    Acquisition AC30/09/2019For Determination29/01/2020
    Acquisition AD30/09/2019For Determination29/01/2020
    Exempt report - Commercial Waste Viability06/08/2019For Determination12/12/2019
    Corporate Plan Review06/08/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Revenue Monitoring Quarter 206/08/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Capital Monitoring Quarter 206/08/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Public Space Protection Orders - Unauthorised Mooring06/08/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Decision making in respect of Council property and the role of the Property and Investment Committee06/08/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Exempt report - Affordable housing provision at Thameside House02/07/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Affordable housing provision at Ashford Hospital (former car park site)02/07/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Public Space Protection Order - Parks and Open Spaces27/06/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Acquisition AB - Key Decision27/06/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Acquisition AA - Key Decision27/06/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'F'27/06/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'E'27/06/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'D'27/06/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'C'27/06/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Exempt report - Property Letting 'B'18/06/2019For Determination06/11/2019
    Treasury Management Strategy - half yearly report03/05/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Outline Budget 2020/2103/05/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Calendar of Meetings03/05/2019For Determination12/12/2019
    Exempt report - Thameside House construction budget - Key Decision29/03/2019For Determination04/12/2019
    Exempt report - Acquisition Z - key decision21/12/2018For Determination06/11/2019
    Exempt report - Acquisition Y - Key decision21/12/2018For Determination06/11/2019
    Exempt Report - Knowle Green Estates Ltd - Business Plan02/11/2017For Determination04/12/2019
    Review of Polling Stations02/11/2017For Determination12/12/2019