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Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

This page lists the meetings for Corporate Policy and Resources Committee.

The Corporate Policy and Resources Committee consists of 15 councillors comprising the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Service Committees and with the Leader and Deputy Leader appointed as Chair and Vice-Chair of this Committee.

Meetings take place seven times a year to discuss:

·         Formulation of the Council’s annual budget, including the capital and revenue budgets, prudential controls and council tax, and putting forward a draft budget to Council for approval

·         Overseeing and managing the Council’s financial strategies, plans, and regulations

·         Formulating the Council’s Community and Corporate Plans for recommendation to Council

·         Formulating and co-ordinating the Council’s Policy Framework and to making recommendations to Council accordingly

·         Considering periodic budgetary monitoring and variation reports and making any recommendations to the Council as necessary

·         Revenues and benefits

·         Property asset management including investment, purchases and disposals, and compulsory purchases

·         Matters that cross the remits of two or more ‘service’ committees and/or to resolve conflict

·         To monitor and review Council policies and strategies that do not fall within a Service Committee’s remit.