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Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group


1)    The Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group (SASIG) shall provide the forum within the Local Government Association (LGA) for all local authorities to discuss strategic aviation policies and major aviation issues.

2)    SASIG will contribute to the work of the LGA in responding to Government and the European Commission on all aviation issues that have a strategic planning, transportation, land use, economic or environmental health dimension. SASIG, where appropriate, will work through and in conjunction with the LGA. SASIG will make representations direct to Government and elsewhere arising directly from the SIG’s special interest. SASIG shall not act in a way that conflicts with or undermines LGA policy as a whole or damages the interests of member authorities.

3)    SASIG will develop its role and pursue its objectives in accordance with an annual work programme, which will be kept under review so as to ensure consistency with LGA policy and meet with the aspirations of a wider membership.

4)    SASIG will operate under the following constitution:

        (i)        Each authority in membership is entitled to designate one Member and/or one officer to attend each meeting of the Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group.

       (ii)        Whilst the Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group will seek to work by amicable agreement amongst the authorities, the formal position is that only one person from each member authority is entitled to vote.

      (iii)        There is no objection to additional Members and officers attending meetings to observe and speak with the permission of the Chairman.

      (iv)        A Chairman’s Advisory Group and a Technical Officers Group, with representatives drawn from around airport locations on the Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group, will be maintained to assist in taking initiatives forward but with no specific executive powers unless so authorised or at times when urgency dictates that responses must be made between meetings.

       (v)        A Chairman and up to three Vice Chairmen will be elected annually to ensure a broad geographical spread of interest.

      (vi)        The role of Honorary President may be filled by an appropriate person.

    (vii)        The Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group shall submit an annual report to the LGA and shall table other reports for LGA meetings as and when necessary.

   (viii)        The Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group shall set an annual subscription rate for membership based on an assessment of its likely annual expenditure on staff, consultants, printing/publicity and other costs. These costs will be apportioned between member authorities on a formula to be agreed.

      (ix)        Authorities joining SASIG in any quarter of the financial year shall pay the relevant proportion of the annual subscription.

       (x)        Authorities shall be advised of the forthcoming subscriptions each autumn for their approval. The absence of a response to the contrary indicates approval.

      (xi)        Authorities resigning from SASIG shall give notice in writing prior to the end of the financial year.

5)    The Strategic Aviation Special Interest Group will keep its working methods and subscriptions under review with the aim of setting the subscription for all members at the lowest practical level. The current subscriptions are listed below.

6)    Surrey County Council will provide financial management services to SASIG and ensure that all income and expenditure is controlled and audited within their normal practices.

Contact information

Location: LGA Offices Central London

PO BOX 1308

Website: http://www.sasig.org.uk/

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