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    Surrey Police and Crime Panel


    The Panel will hold the elected Police and Crime Commissioner to account and will seek to work in a constructive manner with the post-holder with a view to supporting the effective exercise of his/her functions.


    The Panel is established as an Overview and Scrutiny body and therefore has the legal powers to:

    ·         Require any papers in the Police and Crime Commissioner’s (PCC) possession (except those that are operationally sensitive).

    ·         Require the PCC (and his or her staff) to attend the Panel to answer questions.

    ·         Request the Chief Constable attends to answer questions where the PCC has been required to appear before the Panel.

    ·         Make reports and recommendations on any action or decision of the Commissioner.


    The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 details the functions that the Panel exercises as follows:

    ·         Review the draft police and crime plan, or draft variation, given to the Panel by the PCC and make a report or recommendations on the draft plan or variation to the PCC.

    ·         Review the PCC’s annual report and make a report or recommendations on the report to the PCC.

    ·         Review or scrutinise decisions made or other action taken by the PCC in connection with the discharge of the PCC’s functions.

    ·         Publish any report and recommendations made to the PCC.

    ·         Review certain senior appointments made by the PCC.

    ·         Review Chief Constable appointments, with the power to veto the appointment with a two-thirds majority.

    ·         Review and report on the PCC’s proposals to remove a Chief Constable.

    ·         Review the PCC’s level of precept, with the power to veto the proposed precept with a two-thirds majority.

    ·         Suspend the PCC if he or she is charged with certain criminal offences.

    ·         Appoint an acting PCC if necessary.

    ·         Initial handling and informal resolution of complaints about the conduct of the PCC or his or her Deputy.


    Contact information

    Location: within Surrey

    Vickie Neal, Legal and Democratic Services

    Our representatives