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Corporate Risk Management

Meeting: 24/03/2022 - Audit Committee (Item 6)

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To consider the report by the Internal Audit Manager and make a recommendation to the Corporate Policy and Resources Committee.


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The Corporate Risk Register identifies strategic risks faced in achieving corporate priorities and objectives and how these are managed, monitored and reported. 


The Internal Audit Manager presented her report and advised that risks influenced by external factors continued to be highlighted in blue on the register.  The most significant risks were those assigned a red RAG rating and she outlined those risks and mitigation measures.  The issues were:

·         Housing - Developments and targets

·         Affordable Housing

·         Economy

·         Sustainability and Climate Change

·         Corporate capacity/resources/recruitment and retention


The last item, corporate capacity, had recently moved from amber to a red rating.   It was acknowledged that recruitment and retention was a national issue that other organisations and, in particular, local authorities were also experiencing.  It was relevant to all roles and discussions were ongoing to try to improve the situation.


A member of the Committee commented that the risk register needed to be structurally clearer.  There was a blurring or merging of risks and some crossover between controls and commentaries, and consequently a danger that actions may be taken without the actual risk being addressed.  Officers acknowledged the concerns were valid, but thought it was important that managers took ownership and provided input to the register and agreed to consider whether a structured framework would assist managers and ensure clarity around controls.


The Committee was informed that the Corporate Risk Register was reviewed by the management team ahead of the Audit Committee cycle.  In addition, the Corporate Risk Management Group, drawn from senior management across the organisation, also met on a quarterly basis and reviewed and discussed the register.   Previously, the Risk Register was reported to Cabinet on a regular basis to raise political awareness and a recommendation was contained in the report that it should be brought to the attention of other Committees.


The Committee resolved to make a recommendation to Corporate Policy and Resources Committee to: 


1.            Consider the significant strategic risks and issues highlighted in this report with a view to Corporate Policy and Resources deciding on an appropriate course of action.

2.            Pursue with Corporate Policy and Resources Committee scope for wider reporting of the Corporate Risk Register and Risk Action Plan across other Committees.