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Greener Futures Delivery Plan

Meeting: 10/05/2022 - Environment and Sustainability Committee (Item 41)

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To consider supporting the Greener Futures Climate Change Delivery Plan 2021-2025.


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The Committee considered a report seeking the Council’s support for the Greener Futures Climate Change Delivery Plan 2021-2025 published by Surrey County Council.   The publication set out the next step in meeting County-wide and organisational net-zero targets and how the involvement of communities and businesses are essential to this.


The Plan set out four priority focus areas and sought the support of other local authorities within Surrey. 


Cllr Noble, as Joint Chair of the Climate Change Working Group, advised that the group had looked at this some months ago and whilst considering it laudable, was concerned that many of the aims were items that the Council had little or no control over.  Whilst the group supported the plan they did not wish to endorse it.


Concern was expressed that there may be political issues at play and that it was important to be careful but also to work collaboratively.  Committee members who were also County Councillors offered to help with clarification on any points of concern that have not been resolved.  


Alternative options considered and rejected:

·         The Council continues to pursue its own agenda and strategy but supports the delivery plan in a wider strategic context including funding but is not put at risk in terms of any inability to deliver on the Delivery Plan’s ambitious proposed actions.

·         Not to support the Delivery Plan which could minimise influence and opportunities



1.    To support the Greener Futures Climate Change Delivery Plan 2021-25 and delegate authority to the Group Head for Commissioning and Transformation, in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee, to notify Surrey County Council of this.

2.    To commit to continue to work with other organisations including Surrey-wide local authorities to address climate change.


Reason for decision:

This will provide Spelthorne with opportunities to maximise funding and utilise shared knowledge to move us forward on addressing climate change at a faster pace than working alone.