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Refurbishment of the Rill in Memorial Gardens, Staines-upon-Thames

Meeting: 17/10/2022 - Development Sub-Committee (Item 80)

Refurbishment of the Rill in Memorial Gardens, Staines-upon-Thames

Report to follow.

Additional documents:


The Committee agreed to consider this item within the public section of the meeting as there was no exempt information contained within the report.


The report was from the Property Manager and Senior Building Manager and  sought a decision on the options outlined in the report for the defunct Rill footprint, Memorial Gardens. This item had been deferred from a meeting of the committee held on 22 August 2022 when committee members had requested further costings for each option and confirmation as to whether the Rill had been created to commemorate the late Diana, Princess of Wales. Further costings had been added to the report and it was advised that no evidence could be found linking the Rill to Diana, Princess of Wales.


The four options were considered by the Committee and concerns were raised about the planting of trees at either end of the Rill due to the roots potentially causing damage to the surrounding hard landscaping in the future. Concerns were also expressed about vandalism and queried whether the costings within the report took into account the potential need to replace shrubs if they were pulled up due to anti-social behaviour. The Property Manager advised that replacement of shrubs would be covered by the ongoing maintenance budget for Neighbourhood Services. The Committee requested that under Option 4 the reference to the planting of trees was removed and that if this option was agreed it would only be shrubs and lavender that would be planted.


The Committee voted on each option separately:


Option 1 – 0 votes

Option 2 – 1 vote

Option 3 – 0 votes

Option 4 – 6 votes



The Committee resolved to approve Option 4 as amended by the Committee:


‘Shrubs and lavender should be planted taking into consideration suitability for the location. Any new planting of shrubs would be in consultation with the Council’s Sustainability and Biodiversity Officers and any shrubs used would be low maintenance and at low cost. *The existing underground plant room would be decommissioned and filled in [*amended by Development Sub Committee at meeting on 31/10/22].

Meeting: 03/10/2022 - Development Sub-Committee (Item 67)

Refurbishment of the Rill in Memorial Gardens, Staines-upon-Thames

To follow.


The Committee were advised that this item was to be deferred and would be considered at a future meeting of the Committee.


Meeting: 22/08/2022 - Development Sub-Committee (Item 44)

Refurbishment of the Rill in Memorial Gardens, Staines-upon-Thames

Report to follow.

Additional documents:


The Committee agreed that this item could be heard in an open session.


The Committee considered a report from The Property Manager and The Senior Building Manager that sought agreement for one of the options outlined in the report.


The Committee were advised that the Rill, in its current state, was considered to be a Health & Safety risk due to it filling up with rainwater and sludge.


The Committee considered each of the options and agreed that more information was needed before a decision could be reached. The Committee asked the Property Manager to action/provide the following:


Option 1 – More detail on the costing figures


Option 2 – Engage with local communities/schools to gauge interest in assisting with the design of the mosaic should that option be pursued.


More information required about the longevity of the mosaic and whether it would come with a guarantee.


Advise whether a resin could be poured over the mosaic to protect it from erosion, fading or vandalism and if so how long would the resin last before it needed to be replaced.


To investigate whether the Rill was put in place to commemorate the late Diana, Princess of Wales and if so could a plaque be put in place on the Rill to reflect this.


Option 4 – Speak to the Group Head, Neighbourhood Services to ascertain whether there had been any instances of trees and shrubs being pulled up by vandals within Memorial Gardens.


The Committee resolved to defer the decision on which option to agree to until the above information could be provided to the Committee.