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Household Support Fund Phase Two

Meeting: 14/06/2022 - Community Wellbeing and Housing Committee (Item 35)

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To consider a report from the Deputy Chief Executive which seeks approval to:


1.    note the allocation Spelthorne received from Surrey County Council and the proposed allocation basis are both in line with national parameters and a Surrey wide agreed approach,


2.    have the scheme open to individual applications for people who are not just in receipt of council tax support but receive an income based DWP benefit, and


3.    agree the proposed payment option for pensioner households or a combination of bank transfers for those households we have bank account details and posting out cheques for those we do not have details for.


4.    Agree that in the event of any funds being unallocated in the ‘General Allocation Pot’ as at the end of August that the decision as to how to apply those funds through voluntary sector partners will be made by the Deputy Chief Executive in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee.

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The Committee considered a report from the Deputy Chief Executive, Terry Collier that sought approval of the recommendations outlined in the report.


The Committee were advised that the funding received under Phase 1 had all been allocated and that in line with the Government’s steer emphasis was placed on supporting households with children, with at least 50% of the funding going to these households.


Under Phase 2 Spelthorne Borough Council had received funding totalling £265,313. £182,866 of this funding will be going to pensioner households with the remainder (£82,447) being distributed to support working age households. All Surrey Authorities had agreed that they would all aim to pay £100 per household with pensioners.


The Committee resolved to approve the four recommendations outlined in the report.