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Update of Rivers and Waterways

Meeting: 05/09/2023 - Environment and Sustainability Committee (Item 52)

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To receive an update on rivers and watercourses in the borough.

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The Committee received an update on rivers and watercourses in the borough from the Group Head – Commissioning and Transformation. The report outlined details for each main watercourse in Spelthorne as well as the Council’s watercourse responsibilities and recent known issues. The Committee were notified there was an error regarding the flow of the River Ash at Nutty Lane and the report required updating to read “This is consented to discharge wastewater into the Ash at a rate of 45 cubic meters over 24 hours a day…it typically discharges at a rate of 40 cubic meters, for 4-5 hours a day on average.” (edited section attached)


The Committee raised concern for residents with riparian responsibilities who were not able to undertake the work required of them. The Group Head confirmed that the Council could not undertake the work for them due to budget constraints, but alternative options, such as Community Payback, could be explored.


The Committee raised concern over sewage discharge into the River Thames, but the Group Head confirmed that the River Thames was under the remit of the Environment Agency and not the Council.


The Committee expressed support for a future growth bid to increase the budget to look after the rivers and waterways in the borough.


The Committee resolved to note the update.