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Channel Sweeping

Meeting: 29/03/2023 - Neighbourhood Services and Enforcement Committee (Item 17)

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To note the report on Road Channel Sweeping.

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The Group Head of Neighbourhood Services presented the report on Road channel sweeping. The report was a ‘to-note’ report which would usually go in the Members’ Briefing Pack but had been requested as a discussion point for this meeting.


The Committee acknowledged that due to high levels of parking in many roads across the borough there were significant challenges in cleaning effectively and that solutions needed to be considered for those roads.


The Group Head of Neighbourhood Services identified that some councillors were working with residents to arrange a time when all cars could be moved from a particular street to enable the sweepers to get full access. This option was viewed as being very cost effective. The Committee agreed that this was a good solution for some roads.


The Committee queried what the criteria was when identifying which roads were included on the leafing schedule. The Committee were informed that it was roads that were predominantly tree-lined.


The Committee resolved to note the report on Road Channel Sweeping.