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Review of the Economic Prosperity Strategy

Meeting: 28/09/2023 - Economic Development Committee (Item 26)

26 Review of the Economic Prosperity Strategy pdf icon PDF 13 MB

To review and provide feedback on the presentation and focus of the Economic Prosperity Strategy.


The Committee resolved to note the update.


The Committee considered the Economic Prosperity Strategy 2023-28 and provided feedback to the Economic Development Manager (EDM).


Concerns were expressed that the current issues surrounding the Local Plan may impact on the Economic Prosperity Strategy. The reference to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) needed to be amended to make it clearer that not all cars entering the zone would be subject to the ULEZ charge.


The Committee asked that the Local Procurement Limit be reviewed with a view to increasing the current limit of £5,000 but evidence would be needed to show that any rise would have a beneficial impact on businesses within the Borough.


The EDM advised that a Procurement Portal was in the process of being built and it was planned that this would be available to officers within the next two months. This portal would enable officers to view service providers throughout the Borough when looking to source local businesses. It was suggested that Members engaged with businesses to encourage them to register their business to be included on the portal.


The Committee resolved to note the update.