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Corporate Policy and Resources Committee

This page lists the meetings for Corporate Policy and Resources Committee.

The Corporate Policy and Resources Committee consists of at least 15 councillors comprising the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of the Strategic Committees and with the Leader and Deputy Leader appointed as Chair and Vice-Chair of this Committee.

Areas of responsibility include:

·        Appointments to Outside Bodies

·        Armed Forces Covenant

·        Building Control

·        Business and Financial Planning

·        Compulsory Purchase Orders

·        Contracts and Commissioning

·        Council Insurance, Health and Safety

·        Corporate Communications

·        Corporate Complaints

·        Customer Services

·        Debt and Treasury Management

·        Democratic Services

·        Electoral Services

·        Financial Services

·        Human Resources

·        Investment and Regeneration Assets

·        Land Charges

·        Legal Services

·        ICT and Digital Transformation

·        Oversight of major (where the cost of the project as a whole exceeds £1 million) programmes and projects within the Capital programme

·        Performance Management

·        Procurement

·        Project Management

·        Reserves Strategy

·        Revenues and benefits

·        Risk Management

·        Strategic Partnerships