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Oast House - review and viability assessment

To consider the proposed Oast House Development.


Report to follow.


The Committee considered a report from the Development Manager, Richard Mortimer that sought approval to refer the decision on the Oast House development to Council under the Council’s referral scheme.


The Chief Executive made the following statement to the Committee before the presentation:


“Thank you Chair


Good evening Cllrs


This extraordinary meeting of the Development Sub Committee has been arranged to provide all Councillors with the opportunity to gain a full understanding of the proposed Kingston Road Oast House development in Staines.


Tonight, Richard Mortimer, ably aided by colleagues from the Assets and Accountancy team will be running through a slide presentation followed by a question-and-answer session that all Councillors will be able to participate in, covering, amongst other topics, the design and the financial viability of the scheme.


The uniqueness of the scheme revolves around the national opportunity to secure a circa £37 million NHS health and wellbeing centre that would provide both primary and secondary care for borough residents. Am sure Councillors will be particularly attuned to the need to secure a break-even financially viable scheme that would not burden Spelthorne's taxpayers unduly and would draw a line on the costs incurred to date in holding and build costs inflation. And of course, as captured in our Corporate Plan, the importance of providing affordable to rent homes for local people will be at the forefront of your consideration.


I am sure that the importance therefore of the development to Staines and the Borough will be fully appreciated by the conclusion of tonight's meeting. All being equal, the meeting will culminate with members of the DSC voting on referring the decision on the Oast House development to full Council so that every Councillor can be enfranchised to vote on the prospective scheme's advancement.


At this point, I would like to hand over to Richard Mortimer.


The Committee then received a presentation on the proposed Oast House Development from Richard Mortimer.


After the presentation all Councillors on the Committee, viewing in the Chamber and viewing via Microsoft Teams were then given the opportunity to ask questions of the Committee and Officers.


During the presentation and the question and answer session that followed the following major points were covered:


-       A revised scheme for 12, 10 and 9 storeys was presented to Councillors

-       Ongoing financial implications to Council due to delays in agreeing a scheme currently running at the level of £47,500 per month

-       Delays in agreeing a scheme could result in the Council and its residents losing the £37 NHS investment in the Health & Wellbeing Centre

-       182 units at affordable rent for local people on Housing Waiting List

-       Public consultation planned for June 2022

-       The impact of the development on four houses in Kingston Road

-       The purpose of the Health & Wellbeing Centre – Primary and Secondary Care

-       What services would be provided and how many residents would benefit from the Health & Wellbeing Centre

-       The height of the buildings

-       Why is the residential element and the Health & Wellbeing Centre interlinked.


Councillors asked for a breakdown of the £47,500 holding costs incurred each month and details of what services would be provided at the proposed Health & Wellbeing Centre plus details of how many residents would potentially benefit from this centre both in Staines and throughout the Borough. The Development Manager confirmed that all further information requested would be circulated to all members before the Council meeting on 28 April 2022.


The Committee resolved to refer the decision on the Oast House development to Council under the Council’s referral scheme.



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