Agenda item

North West Surrey Role Mapping Risks and Opportunities

To note the diversity of Health and Wellbeing roles in the North West Surrey area and recommend an approach or position statement.


The Committee considered a report on the North West Surrey Role Mapping Risks and Opportunities. The Strategic lead, Independent living highlighted the roles residents came in contact with when presented in a Health and wellbeing landscape and explained that initiatives from both NWS Health and Care Alliance, the Integrated Care System and Surrey County Council were progressing at pace. This year Stanwell, Ashford and Sunbury would be in receipt of particular focus from both health partners and the County.


The report highlighted the recommended proposal to approve a proactive approach to neighbourhoods. This involved the Council placing itself at the heart of the neighbourhood agenda. Resource and officer time would be committed to ensuring full engagement with both NWS Health and Care Alliance and Surrey County Council Thriving Communities. The Spelthorne Healthy Communities partnership board would also act as the conduit for these initiatives with the potential to expand the remit to include more voluntary sector representation.


The Committee queried how these initiatives were funded. The Committee were informed that the NWS Health and Care Alliance had agreed to provide funding worth 50k to be administered by Spelthorne Healthy Communities Partnership Board. The future possibility of down the line prevention funding was also raised.



The Committee resolved to approve a proactive approach to neighbourhoods and:


1)Note the range of roles that support residents through a Health and Wellbeing lens.


2)Note the current approaches to our populations through this lens by major stakeholders including North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance and Surrey County Council.


3)Make recommendations in relation to the level of engagement expected with these similar initiatives. 


4)Consider opportunities offered as a system partner

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