Issue - decisions

Household Support Fund Phase 3

17/01/2023 - Household Support Fund Phase 3

The Committee resolved to approve option 2.1 as outlined in the report and:


1.    Expedite the distribution of Household Support Fund Phase 3.

2.    Have the scheme open to individual applications for people who are not just in receipt of council tax support but receive an income based DWP benefit.

3.    Agree that in the event of any funds being unallocated that they are moved to the “General Allocation Pot” at the end of March 2023.

4.    Agree that this becomes, subject to any new national criteria, the ongoing approach for the HSF when it extends to phases 4 and beyond from April 2023.

5.    Accept that the amounts used here, with the exception of the total HSF Phase 3 award are based on best estimates of number of applicants in phases 1 and 2.